Data Collection. Communication. Community.


What makes OpenEddi unique.

You choose how you want your data collection tool to look and function, from a library of question types, or Eddis.

Lunar Data Collection

Because you could collect data on the moon. Bring your tablet on the road, into the remote village, down in the holler. All survey resources will cache to your tablet, and you can sync the data via a wifi connection when you are ready.

Network data in mind

OpenEddi is designed to make filling matrices easier. The data are structured for large or small network studies, egocentric or roster-based. You can directly output to network data formats (UCINET, Gephi), and expose API for data interface, feeding directly into R, or anything else!

Clear, compelling communication

Reaching people is important, but reaching them effectively is key. Our modules are designed with communication principles in mind to be interactive, visually compelling, and easy to understand.

easy and fun

No doubt about it, using OpenEddi feels like playing a game. Whether you\’re the end user or the administrator, we make data collection easy and fun.

Building a community

We want you. Our vision is to build a community of developers and contributors who make OpenEddi the best data collection tool available. You can design your own modules and add them to our library.

It’s free

Free as in beer: You can download and install for free on your own server. Free as in freedom: An open source program encouraging a community of development and innovation in data collection.


If you can\’t install on your own server, we can provide installation, training, and support for a fee.


What is OpenEddi?
OpenEddi isn't just a tool for data collection. It's a community.

When we decided to build OpenEddi, we decided to build a community. If we want to revolutionize the way you collect data, we don’t want to do it alone. Each of you has faced an obstacle in data collection, particularly in the tedium and frustration of collecting network data. By building a community of contributors, we hope that we can turn your obstacles into ideas; your frustration into inspiration. Our vision is to have an open library or app store of Eddis – modules and types of questions or approaches that you can plug and play into your survey. We will begin this library with our own types and ideas, but we need researchers, data collectors, developers, graphic designers, dreamers and builders to make OpenEddi the best data collection tool available.

  • Customizable

    Make it how YOU want it.

  • Field Data Collection

    Collect data anywhere, anytime.

  • Clear and Compelling Visuals

    Communicate clearly with your audience.

  • Open Source Community

    Use. Contribute. Improve.


Meet the minds behind OpenEddi
Jesse Fagan
Founding Partner
Jesse is the technology mastermind behind OpenEddi. He is currently studying organization science and social networks at the University of Kentucky. He is a developer for the pure love of it all.
Kate Eddens
Founding Partner
Kate came to Jesse with a proposal: Let\’s make data collection less tedious and more fun! Kate is a health communication scientist with expertise in health disparities and social and communication network analysis. She represents OpenEddi to the scientific and business community.

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